Current State of Earth

Celestial Body: Earth

Earth was a minor cultural centre / origin for two races of natural intelligence and one race of artificial intelligence.

Some time in the early 1.400.000’s a combination of intersteller events, Mainly the close approach of Gliese 710 in combination with a hypernova event from Eta Carinae , resulted in abnormal levels of radiation proving to be lethal to 99% of those not present on the earth.
A series of asteroid strikes then rendered the earth nearly inhospitable, killing most of the population rather quickly. With the radiation levels in space outside of tolerance all life in the solar system was then extinguished as the planet was routed from it’s orbit by a particularly large impact and the orbit of a second moon.

Most Recent Information:

Sun: Sol

Alternative names: Terra, Gaia
Orbital characteristics
Aphelion 2,03641638 AU
Perihelion 1,95627232 AU
Semi-major axis 2,06541667 AU
Eccentricity 0,11680898
Orbital period 703,154885 days

2 natural (the Moon, 2-34e8)

Surface area
534.000.080 km2
492.850.600 km2 land (92,3 %)
041.149.480 km2 water (7,7 %)

Equatorial surface gravity 0,79732 g
Escape velocity 9,465 km/s
Sidereal rotation period 1,79655 d

Surface temp.

Min:−155 °C Mean:-18 °C Max:39 °C

Surface pressure 0,636 (0,4–0,87) kPa
95,32% carbon dioxide
2,7% nitrogen
1,6% argon
0,13% oxygen
0,08% carbon monoxide

Current State of Earth

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